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Need Car Repairs? Talk To Welch Hire

Our garage in Taunton is the place to go for all types of car repairs. Get in touch today to arrange a free quote.

Car Repairs From A Skilled Team

We offer trusted advice and expertise from our highly trained and qualified technicians, who know cars inside and out. Our technicians have access to the latest tools and diagnostic equipment making sure any faults are discovered quickly and in full.


Our experienced and qualified team is happy to work on any vehicle and answer any questions you may have about your car. We understand that even a minor noise or issue you spot can cause major worry, but we’re here to get things resolved quickly and at a competitive price.

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4 Wheel Alignment

With 4 wheel alignment, you can benefit from improved safety, handling and comfort. Properly aligned wheels will also wear evenly. During the alignment process, we’ll make any necessary adjusts to ensure your wheels are set up correctly.

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A key component on your car, cambelts don’t last forever. If they become worn or damaged by oil, it can soon have an impact on the rest of your engine. Our technicians will inspect your cambelt, tensioner, guides, pulleys to ensure everything is working smoothly and carry out the necessary repairs or replacements if not.

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At Welch Hire, we have made substantial investment in some of the latest and greatest tools to diagnose any engine fault with precision, saving you money and time. Diagnostic testing is a simple way to discover the root cause of an issue and can help us spot problems early before they cause a noticeable issue.

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When it comes to tyres, safety should never be compromised. If your tyres are damaged, worn or have any bulges, it’s best to get them replaced as soon as possible to reduce the risk of an accident. We stock tyres in a wide range of sizes and varieties. If we don’t have a particular make in stock, we can order them for you.

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A slipping, spongy or sticking clutch can make driving a nightmare. If your clutch is causing your problems, let our expert team take a look. We can check all components such as the disc and flywheel are operating correctly or carry out a full replacement if necessary.

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If your car has become damaged in an accident or is just suffering from wear and tear, trust our team to carry out excellent welding repairs. We’ll make sure the repairs are structurally safe as well as aesthetically pleasing to give you peace of mind.

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Exhausts & Catalytic Converters

If you’ve noticed any issues with your exhaust such as leaking, excessive fumes or unusual noises, let our mechanics take a look. We’ll be able to quickly investigate and diagnose the issue to get it resolved for you. If you need a new catalytic converter or exhaust system, we can also supply and fit these too.

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Braking systems

Brakes are an area where you can never be too careful. If you’ve noticed any issues when braking such as loud noises, or issues with handling, make sure you book an appointment at our garage. We take care of all aspects of braking systems, including replacing pads, discs and brake fluid.

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Well-maintained suspension ensures you can enjoy a comfortable and safe ride. We can replace cracked springs, leaking shocks, damaged mounts and any other components that may be affecting your suspension.

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MOT Preparation

Make sure you don’t have any surprises at MOT time with our MOT preparation service. During this service, we’ll check all common issues that can cause a failure such as lights and wipers, as well as investigate faults which may cause a more serious problem.

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Call Welch Hire In Taunton Now To Book Your Car Repairs.

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“Excellent car hire at a very competitive price. The car was in very good mechanical and cosmetic condition. Also, it was exceptionally clean when it was handed over to me. Very helpful and friendly woman who dealt with me.” Mark P

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